80 Years of Holle

Holle offers a wide range of Demeter products like porridges, formula milks including goats milk nutrition, rusks or baby food jars from the first vegetables to junior menus. Since the very beginning, over 80 years ago, we have focused on naturalness. The use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers are strictly prohibited without any compromises. Today we are still using only raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards for our baby food : The basis for the premium quality in the Holle baby food.

The production for the Holle baby formula milks and baby porridges takes place in Germany. Our production lines are modern using the latest technology and are ISO certified. The grain used for our formula milks and porridges grows in healthy soil on Demeter certified biodynamic farms in Germany. Additionally, we are only buying rice from Italy and millet grain from Hungary.

Because we have your child in mind we are only using Demeter grains from organic farmers with whom we have a long-term established and trusted relationship.

The milk we are using for the Holle Organic milk formulas is produced in organic farms in south Germany. For our baby food jars we are using exclusively organic fruit and vegetables from either biodynamic or organic agriculture. This ensures the best quality, tasty and full of nutrition which are essential for babies and children.

Holistic quality through working with nature

Foods which carry the Demeter label have been grown to strict biodynamic standards — in harmony with nature. Biodynamic farmers use an organic approach that harnesses the holistic qualities of their growing cycles. Whether soil, seeds, plants, animals or humans — each element in the agricultural system has its own uniquely important role to play. Each element supports and strengthens the others and in doing so creates a farm that is a natural and self-contained living environment. The use of chemical and synthetic pesticides and fertilisers and GM technology are strictly prohibited in biodynamic agriculture, as is the addition of questionable ingredients during processing.

Demeter agriculture is unique in its consistent and holistic approach because, through its biodynamic growing methods, it gives back to nature more than it takes out.

Why Demeter Milk?

The quality of Demeter certified milk is extremely high, it tastes great and is easily digested – all thanks to the natural way in which the cows are raised. Biodynamically raised cows live in small herds, they regularly graze out in the meadows and only eat a diet naturally rich in organic hay and greenery. This form of husbandry ensures that the cows are strong and healthy. Most importantly, all Demeter cows keep their horns. Biodynamic farmers say that a cow‘s horns are important for maintaining a proper equilibrium throughout its digestive system. This is significant for the quality of the milk.

The natural way in which Demeter certified cows are raised greatly influences the nutritional value of their milk. Biodynamic milk has a high vitamin E and beta-carotene content. It is also naturally high in essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Furthermore, because their diet is so rich in vegetation, independent tests consistently show that milk from biodynamic cows not only tastes delicious but is also finely balanced. Once a cow is milked, the Demeter certified process of producing fresh milk is carried out in such a way as to maintain its highest nutritional value.

Good reasons

On farm
• Species-appropriate feeding with plenty of forage, hay and some cereals from on-farm production
• 100 percent organic fodder, 80 percent of which must be Demeter quality
• At least 50 percent of the fodder from on-farm
• Species-appropriate animal husbandry, mostly in small herds
• Cows not dehorned
• Initiatives in animal breeding

As a result the milk contains particularly valuable nutritional components
• Beta-carotene which prevents cancer
• Vitamin E which keeps free radicals in check
• Omega fatty acids; the optimal relationship of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease
• Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer

Properties of processing
• No homogenization of milk because the high pressure during the homogenization process negatively affects milk quality. The destruction of milk proteins through homogenization may lead to milk intolerance.
• Ultra heat treated (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk are prohibited
• Only aroma extracts are permitted, i.e. extracts and concentrates from plants. No flavourings are allowed.

Best rating for taste
• Demeter milk constantly achieves best ratings in independent taste tests. It is always rated creamier than conventional / organic products.

Why Demeter Cereal

Every grain of the different cereals we use for our baby porridges naturally contains a myriad of essential nutrients and fibre. Grown in harmony with nature, Demeter certified grains are full of flavour and vitality. At Holle, we only use whole grains for our porridges. This ensures that your baby gets the most goodness from every mouthful. We cook our grains using the gentlest of methods and then finely ground them so that every Holle porridge can be easily digested by young babies. We unlock the goodness so that your baby can thrive.

Demeter farmers only use seeds which are cultivated through natural and traditional methods. This means seeds develop only through selective cross breeding— artificial genetic modification is never used. This way we can ensure the quality of our food and continuing plant health, as well as ready adaptation to climate and soil conditions.

Research: Best dormancy confirms highest quality

Blind tasting together with picture forming methods confirm that Demeter cereals and cereal products are particularly true to type, well matured and full of vitality. The fluorescence excitation spectroscopy of Dr. Jürgen Strube (KWALIS Germany— quality research) also shows that Demeter cereals have the best dormancy again confirming their outstanding quality. For example, the aroma and flavour of Biodynamic wheat was tested in a blind comparison with conventional and organic wheat and found to be the best. Biodynamic wheat also showed the clearest stage of full maturity in observations of plant growth. Even if conclusive proof is outstanding, scientists see a direct connection between these positive characteristics and the use of the Biodynamic preparations.

Good Reasons

• Biodynamic cereal breeding with certified varieties
• No hybrid varieties are permitted in cereal production
• Old cereal varieties are maintained
• Harvested at full maturity
• Contains the highest vitality
• Characteristic taste
• Regionalism promoted through the direct cooperation of farmer and processor