How old is your body?

Is your biological age* younger or older than your actual age? Our body is aging earlier and faster than we realise. This is reflected on people with skin problems and body shape issues, in which the affected age group is getting younger. Premature aging deteriorates our immune system and the functions of our organs; this, in turn, causes various illnesses and emotional problems.

With the effective use of potent organic products, you could reclaim your bodily health the natural way and feel young again!

Young again?

Start repairing your cells.

Do you look noticeably older than your peers? Have an undesirable body shape? Are you suffering from various ailments? Our body is made up of cells. Thus, damaged cells will affect the functions of our organs. This impairs our body from absorbing nutrients, consequently accelerates the aging process and leads to various health conditions. What is the ultimate solution? Get to the root of the problems— repair and regenerate cells. When cells are restored, the organs will be able to perform its functions properly. Healthy cells ensure normal body metabolism, which in turn boosts nutrients absorption. Your body system will then be able to work well and result in a younger you. In addition, your body’s self healing ability will improve, reducing the chances of getting sick. Healthy body cells is the key to a younger you.

Your body is made
up of protein.

Give it the best building materials.

From hair to skin, bones to liver, your body is made up of protein. As firm bricks are needed to build a strong house, the same concept applies to your body— we need good protein to keep our body strong. Unable to lose weight with vigorous exercise and through strict diet? Weak and wobbly muscles? Lethargic or prone to fall sick? Dull and dry skin? Dry, brittle hair? These are signs indicating the lack of high quality proteins. Protein helps your body to increase the Basal Metabolic Rate and burns fat; it is one of the most important nutrients for body firming. For these reasons, do take your breakfast seriously from now onwards. If you would like to have grade A+ body, start your day with perfect protein.

Fuel your body.

Your body is hungry for good oils..

Hormonal imbalance is common in both men and women. Besides affecting your emotions, hormones also determine your physical appearance such as your skin condition and body weight. Healthy oils supplement your endocrine system with complete essential fatty acids (EFAs). They promote the secretion of neurotransmitter substances and regulate hormones in the brain. As a result, they improve mood, boost brain power and strengthen physical fitness while refining skin complexion and body shape. Another function of healthy oils is to eliminate bad fats from the body, offering you a nourishing way to lose the extra pounds.

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The extra pounds are early
sign of aging

Stay in shape at any age.

The appearance of flabby arms, obese calves, pot belly, spare tyre and back fat indicates that your metabolism is declining and your body is unable to eliminate toxins properly. This is the early physical sign of aging. Habitual and psychological factors such as irregular meal patterns, extensive time spent on computer, lack of exercise, insufficient water intakes, constipation, stress and deprivation of quality sleep are known to cause the accumulation of excessive fats. Purify your blood, liver and get rid of excessive fats — that is how you reclaim youthful skin and ideal physique naturally.