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Babybio Teething Biscuits, from 10 months, (120g)

Babybio Teething Biscuits, from 10 months, (120g)


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Babybio Teething Biscuits relieve teething discomfort while awake baby’s senses to new taste with its delightful orange flavour.

Product Highlight

Help your little one get rid of teething discomfort with tasty organic teething biscuits!


  • All the ingredients are agricultural origin with 100 % organically grown.
  • The shape and consistence of the biscuit has been specially elaborated for the small hand of the infant from 8 months onwards.
  • Moreover, Babynat Teething Biscuits melt  easily with no chocking hazards!


Ensure your baby is comfortably seated and look after him carefully when eating.
Country of Origin


Wheat flour*, whole egg*, cane sugar*, wheat starch*, baking powder: ammonium  hydrogen  carbonate,  sweet orange  essential oil*,  thiamin (vitamin B1).

*Ingredients of agricultural origin, organically grown (100%)

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