Book-The Greenman’s Guide

Book-The Greenman’s Guide


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About the author

Matthias Gelber comes from Burbach-Lippe, a small German village 120km north of Frankfurtwith over 60% forest cover. He developed a strong connection with nature from a young age and in 2008, he was voted “Greenest Person on the Planet’ in an online competition by 3rd Whale in Canada. Matthias lives in Malaysia without a car and a monthly electricity bill of around US$10. He also started Eco Warriors Malaysia, a community movement focused on taking positive action to combat climate change.

In this book, Matthias shares his experiences and insights on how we can gradually move towards eco-friendly choices through our personal life, family, home, office and community. You will find inspiration and useful tips on transitioning to a greener life. Then, readers could expect to find practical advice and strategies to green their workplace and business – an area of our life where we can make a HUGE difference.

Matthias’s mission is hoping every reader is willing to take the action for a greener life after reading this book! As the saying goes,” Sikit sikit, lama lama, menjadi bukit”.