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IncaFe Marin Estate Smooth & Lively Organic Fair Trade Coffee (Ground) 200g


IncaFe Marin Estate Smooth & Lively Organic Fair Trade Coffee (Ground) 200g


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We are all much better off thanks to our Peruvian friend Felix Marin. Felix works tirelessly with his and other cooperatives in Peru to produce award-winning, quality organic coffee from bird-friendly plantations, ensuring better conditions and incomes from growers. Marin Estate, established by Felix’s father in the 1940’s produces some of the best organic coffee the world has to offer, from his care, by his hand, to yours.


Product Highlight

High altitude Peruvian coffee. Smooth & chocolaty with cocoa and almond flavours followed by a lively hint of citrus.



  • 100% certified organic and fair trade.
    • Sources coffee direct from organic farmers and chooses to pay above set fair trade prices to fund childcare and sustainable farming practices and education
    • This ensures better quality beans for you and a better quality of life for them.
  • Roasted gently with traditional drum roaster.



100% certified organic and certified fair trade arabica coffee from Peru

Country of Origin

Crafted at New Zealand.

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