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Mogli Bio-Dynamic Moothies – Apple, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, 100g

Mogli Bio-Dynamic Moothies – Apple, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie, 100g


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It is a 100% pure fruit dessert made from apple, banana and strawberry. It is tasty and handy for kids to bring around to enjoy the benefits of fruits anytime and anywhere.

Product Highlight

The finest organic fruit puree provides pure enjoyment without additives. Perfect for school, sport and leisure.



  • Every product is a specially created recipe to support children’s rapid physical development while not compromise on its taste. Your child will love the food while being nourished with the wholesome nutrition!
  • Made from carefully selected ingredients cultivated using certified organic or bio-dynamic method. Free from GMO ingredients and harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and radiation residues.
  • No added artificial ingredients such as synthetic preservative, colouring and flavouring.
  • No refined sugar. Naturally sweetened with honey, barley malt, agave or rice syrup. These natural and organic sweeteners promotes a more healthier blood sugar level.
  • Using cold pressed organic vegetable oil instead of hydrogenated oil (trans fat) which lead to heart and circulation problems.


Country of Origin


Apple (60%)*, banana (20%)* and strawberry (20%)*.

** from certified biodynamic farming

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Weight 0.115 kg
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