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Naturvital Florian Echinacea Pomegranate Restore, 330ml

Naturvital Florian Echinacea Pomegranate Restore, 330ml


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Echinacea is highly valued traditionally in boosting body immune system. Combined with eucalyptus leaf which supports the breathing airways and antioxidant-rich pomegranate and acerola cherry juice.





  • Certified organic by Austria’s Bio-Garantie.
  • Naturally complete with more vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances as the WHOLE plants/ fruits are used. Only high antioxidants fruits were chosen and harvested at the highest point of maturation.
  • Naturally liquid. More readily absorbed by the body than capsules or powder.
  • Use direct pressed juice. NOT from concentrate.
  • No alcohol.
  • No preservatives, colouring or flavouring.
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • No thickeners.
  • Gluten and lactose free.
  • Vegetarian/vegan friendly.



66% Pomegranate juice and red grape juice, herb infusion (coneflower (Echinacea pallida), eucalyptus leaf, leaf tips from green tea) and peach puree, juice from apple, choke berry (Aronia), acerola cherry and elderberry.
 * All ingredients are from certified organic cultivation.


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