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Sonnentor Earl Grey Black Tea, 90g

Sonnentor Earl Grey Black Tea, 90g


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What could be more English than black tea? In England, the legend says that an earl named Charles Grey has brought this tea recipes from China. Immediately it became the malty yet elegant drink and the darling of high society which remained so until today especially in the afternoon by five clock. Black tea has a great tradition when a fine organic bergamot (citrus fruit) is added to the mild black tea. It creates a fine, fruity yet invigorating touch.


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Be elegant with the royal ceremony!



  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Contains caffeine



The floral-fruity fragrance is reflected in an aromatic note with slightly bitter orange. The Earl Grey is characterized by a fruity, mildly bitter flavor and a nice malty toasty out. Its spicy floral notes in the finish is incomparable.



Green tea should be steeped in very hot but not boiling water for 2-3 minutes to prevent bitterness.


Country of Origin




Black Tea South India flavoured with Organic Essential Oil Bergamot

Did You Know? 

In processing of our Earl Grey Tea, the tea leaves are harvested by hand, machine-rolled between two rotating disks, cell sap of leaves emerged, followed by fermentation (the natural oxidation of the cell juice) in the air. Through fermentation, the leaf changes color and becomes brown-black. The leaves are dried with hot air and divided into different leaf sizes and qualities.

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