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Sonnentor Fruit Delights, 20 bags

Sonnentor Fruit Delights, 20 bags


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One of the most popular fruit teas from Sonnentor! Deep red color and the vanilla add a harmonious mild sweet flavor.


Product Highlight

Dream a dream, a dream full of fruity fantasy!


  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Caffeine free
  • Alkaline food
  • Suitable for vegan


The Fruit Delights is a rich mixture of tea with deep red color which is reminiscent of ripe cherries. The strong fruity-sourish flavor of the fruit aroma offers you the ripe elderberries dream. The intensely fruity flavor gives you the invigorating effect as well as the reminiscent of various berries.


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Organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, organic apple pieces, organic raspberry pieces, natural organic vanilla-bourbon flavor

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Weight 0.08 kg