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Sonnentor “It’s All Good!” Tea Assortment, 20 bags

Sonnentor “It’s All Good!” Tea Assortment, 20 bags


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Contains 7 types of herbal tea blend in a box.



All the herbs are biodynamically grown and specially blended to give this tea blend a stronger aroma and healing effect


Country of Origin
1. Sonnentor “Calm Your Nerves” tea (3 sachets)
2. Sonnentor “Calming Tummy” tea (3 sachets)
3. Sonnentor “Liberate Your Liver” tea (3 sachets)
4. Sonnentor  “Listen to Your Heart” tea (3 sachets)
5. Sonnentor “Soothing Throat” tea (3 sachets)
6.  Sonnentor “Sweet Dreams”tea (3 sachets)
7. Sonnentor “Troubled Times” tea (2 sachets)

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