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Voelkel Tomato Juice, 700ml

Voelkel Tomato Juice, 700ml


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Tomato Juice has become one of the mostly talked health food among health savvy due to the hero antioxidant, lycopene. Voelkel Tomato Juice is rich in lycopene which protect your body cells from cancer-causing free radicals.


Product Highlight

All round winner in anti aging and anti cancer!


  • Certified DEMETER. Voelkel Tomato Juice is freshly pressed from tomatoes which cultivated using biodynamic farming method. Biodynamic farming is a sustainable farming system that protects the balance of the ecosystem and produces crop that infused with higher life force and therapeutic value.
  • No added sugar, synthetic preservative and colouring.

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Tomato juice (99.4%)* and sea salt (0.6%).

*Ingredients from certified Demeter farming

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Weight 1.12 kg