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Why Not? Biodynamic Juice Fasting

Why Not? Biodynamic Juice Fasting


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We sleep to recharge our exhausted body and we go on vacation to escape from our hectic lifestyle once in a while. However, we hardly give our digestive system a break from its highly demanding workload. The digestive system is considered the busiest system in our body especially with our accustomed overeating habit that has crept into our eating lifestyle.

Our body requires an escape from a lifelong 3-meals-a-day routine (or even six for some). Fasting gives our body an opportunity to shift the energy used for digesting to repairing and healing our body and to eliminate nasty toxins that harms us emotionally and physically. Furthermore, fasting rejuvenates our body from physical stress accumulated through improper diets, unhealthy lifestyles, emotional stress and environmental pollution.


Product Highlight

From feast to fast. Give trillion of cells in your body a rest, a recharge and restart.



  • All Why Not? juices in this fasting program are biodynamic
  • Not from fruit concentrates
  • Nutrient rich
  • No added sugar, preservative and flavouring



2 bottles of Why Not? Apple Juice**, 2 bottles of Why Not? Vegetable Juice**, 2 bottles of Why Not? Sauerkraut Juice**, 2 bottles of Why Not? Carrot Juice**, 1 pack of Why Not? Flax Meal*, 1 pack of Sonnentor Ginger Energy Tea*, 1 bottle of Why Not? Prune Puree*.

**from organic farming
**from biodynamic farming


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Weight 10.5 kg