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Why Not? Liver REtreat, Organic

Why Not? Liver REtreat, Organic


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Purify and strengthen your liver with this time proven natural remedy. No medicine, no pill! Just organic wholesome foods! It comes in handy packaging, serve as great gift idea for your love one.


Product Highlight

Liver overloaded? Cheers with organic tonic!



  • Each single product is made of raw materials cultivated using organic farming method. Free from pesticide residues, artificial additives and chemicals.
  • why not? Plus Liver Retreat is an effective and safe detox solution with high therapeutic effect.


Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. For those with critical illness or currently under prescriptive medicine, please seek advice from professional healthcare provider before start the Retreat program.

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1 bottle of Blackstrap Molasses, 2 bottle of why not? Lemon Juice, 1 bottle of Emile Noel Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 pack of Sonnentor Cayenne Pepper

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Weight 4.345 kg