Why Not? Manuka Honey 15+, 500g

Why Not? Manuka Honey 15+, 500g


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Premium quality of organic manuka honey crafted from pristine Southern Alps of New Zealand with high total manuka activity of 15+. Manuka Honey is renowned for its powerful antibacterial strength to relieve sore throat, cough, wounds and stomach ulcers.


Product Highlight

Pure and strong is all it has!



  • Certified organic. Raw and unpasteurized, retains its rich minerals and enzymes.
  • High total manuka activity of 15+. Excellent antibacterial activity providing faster recovery rates than conventional honey.
  • Rich, smooth texture and authentic flavour capturing the essence of pristine natural habitat.



Not to be taken by infant below 1 year old.


Country of Origin

New Zealand



Certified organic manuka honey