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Why Not? Vegetable Juice, 750ml

Why Not? Vegetable Juice, 750ml


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This juice is a combination of several types of lacto fermented root vegetable juices. Excellent to strengthen the immune system, detoxyfying the body and prevent cancer.


Product Highlight

Fasting with energy!



  • 100% juice from organic beetroot, carrot, radish and celery cultivated through biodynamic farming.
  • Contains probiotics from lacto-fermented vegetable juices.
  • No added sugar, not from concentrate.
  • Free from preservative.



  • beetroot juice** (57%), carrot juice** (20%), celery juice** (20%), radish juice**, acerola puree*.                         

** from biodynamic farming and lacto fermented
*from organic farming


Country of Origin

  • Germany


Did You Know?

  • What is Demeter?

Demeter is the only certification body for biodynamic products. Besides prohibits use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, biodynamic farming emphasizes balancing and holistic development and inter-relationship of soil, plants and animals to achieve sustainable farming. Biodynamic farming produces crops that have better taste and higher therapeutic value.



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Weight 1.13 kg