Why Not?® Vibes Up Hamper 2020 《元气》有机食补礼袋

Why Not?® Vibes Up Hamper 2020 《元气》有机食补礼袋


Why Not?® Vibes Up Set: Organic Remedies from the Ancient Wisdom.



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Mind Your Brain Power
Ginkgo Biloba, the “living fossil” is the oldest tree species on earth to have survived for over 270 million years.
Resistant to stresses and diseases, the ginkgo plant is the best selling herbal remedy with a long history in traditional medicine to treat blood disorders, improving memory and keeping the mind sharp. The tree can live over 1000 years hence giving it strengthening and revitalizing properties as chinese believes “restoring Qi”.

Protection Filter For Your Eyes
Goji is the key ingredient for a pair of bright eyes. Zeaxanthin in goji berries act as a natural filter for the eyes against damaging blue light from digital screens. A must for heavy handphone, computer and TV users. Also excellent for people with dry eyes or spend long hours in air conditioned room;  laucoma, cataract and other eyes disorders. Goji is widely used in both TCM and Tibetan medicine for over 2000 years as an ingredient for longevity.
Together, Why Not?® Vibes Up Set restores strength “Qi” to welcome a wealthy and prosperous new year!

Remedy: Drink 30ml each daily in the morning before meal neat or mixed with any juices. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 15 days.


銀杏是一種全球最老的藥用植物,有“世界第一活化石”之稱,存活了2.7億年,是地球上最古老的樹種。銀杏具有超強的抗壓及抗病功能,特別是針對促進心腦血管疾 病,能增強記憶力,保持頭腦清晰敏銳,提高專注力,對健忘、阿茲海默症、癡呆症 及抑鬱症等很有助益。銀杏樹可以存活一千年以上,中國醫學相信其旺盛的生命力,有助人體調補元氣及加速康復力,因此被視為元氣食療聖品。

這套 Why Not?®《元氣》有機食補禮袋,是春節送禮的誠意首選。有滿滿的“元氣”,才有滿滿的“福氣”。



内附 Inside:
Naturvital Florian 銀杏濃縮精華 330ml x1
Naturvital Florian Ginkgo & Pomegranate
Naturvital Florian枸杞濃縮精華 330ml x1
Naturvital Florian Carrot & Goji Berry
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