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Country of Origin: Germany
Year Established: 1936
Products: Organic & biodynamic juice

Four generations of great juices.

Hailing from Germany, Voelkel who produces biodynamic and organic juices has opened our eyes to products made to exceptional quality.

Apart from organic, some of Voelkel farmers practice biodynamic farming method that cares about plants, soil and the balance of life forces in the farms. The farmers adapt sustainable agriculture practices such as crop rotation and composting; integrating the astrological cycle of the moon, sun, and the planets in the planting and harvesting, to achieve a harmonic rhythm with nature. These practices deliver bottles after bottles of great juices, as nature intended.

About 98% of Voelkel’s suppliers are long standing partners. Voelkel believes that this is a reliable way to guarantee the quality of raw ingredients through long-term partnership based relations with their fruits and vegetables farmers.

Voelkel’s continuous and uncompromising pursuit of excellent farming methods that provide these juices with vitality that you can taste at first sip!