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3-Step Cell Renewal – Why Not?® Tritox

We Only Have
One Body

Can it keep up with your dreams?

Here’s why you need a full body maintenance, organically:

  • Smokers & heavy drinkers
  • Heavy user of digital devices such as computer, phone & tv
  • High blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar levels
  • Weak or damaged liver & kidney
  • Late night sleepers
  • On medications & pills
  • Junk food lovers
  • Aging skin & acne
  • Gastric pain & acid reflux
  • High uric acid

A chlorophyll mix for powerful 3-stage cell renewal:


  • Free radicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Radiation
  • Toxins & chemicals
  • Metabolism waste


  • Damaged cells
  • Supports optimum cell function


  • Powers the liver & kidneys
  • High antioxidants
  • Vitamins, minerals & nutrients

Give our cells a “bath” everyday!

“TRITOX gives me a good start to the day and the energy I need to power through the day.”

-Heng, 7 years with TRITOX
Organic cereal grass farm in Canterbury region, New Zealand

1. Soil Grown & Cultivated

Beautiful and uncontaminated cereal grass from Canterbury, the largest area with perfect habitat for growing cereal grasses in New Zealand.

Unlike conventional tray-cultivated cereal grass, Why Not?® wheat grass and barley grass are grown in mineral rich and fertile soil with ample sunlight and pristine water from the surrounding New Zealand alps.

Did you know? Cereal grasses can pick up more than 90 types of minerals from soil!

Uncontaminated mountain water from the alps

2. Harvested at its Best!

The young leaves of our cereal grass are harvested when their vital nutrients reach their peak, preserving high chlorophyll and mineral content way beyond what tray-grown cereal grass can provide.

The crop quality is assured by measuring the intensity of the colour and the height of the cereal grasses.

Soil cultivated organic wheat and barley grasses contain higher diversified nutrients compared to indoor tray-grown variety

How we bring you our highest grade grass powder, from seeds to shelves:

Highest grade grass powder

Why Not?® grass powder tested for colour, smell
and taste to ensure the highest quality

Oxidised grass powder

Conventional brands could be oxidised and lose their nutrients or healing properties

Farming & harvesting

  1. Ensuring organic soil quality & care
  2. Farm at perfect location, weather & season
  3. Harvesting the grass at the right age


From harvesting to drying in just 1–6 hours, to preserve the optimum nutrient level

Quality evaluation criteria:

  • Colour quality
  • Milling quality
  • Smell & taste
We ensure every bottle you get is nothing less than the highest grade

3. Highest Grade Quality Assured

Our supplier provides various grades of cereal grasses from all over the world, but we always insist that they ensure Why Not?® are of the finest quality.

Our technical team conducts pre-shipping evaluation on samples of the season’s harvest, which is sent by our supplier before each shipment.

Bright green with a fresh scent similar to matcha powder. We work to ensure that the cereal grasses are up to our standards-fresh with no oxidation!

“When my kids have fever, I make them a TRITOX cocktail with manuka honey & lemon juice.

No medication needed, my kids’ bodies can heal themselves.”

-Joyce, 10 years with TRITOX
mother of 2 kids

4. Indoor Cultivated Chlorella

Naturally, chlorella powder has a very strong ability to absorb heavy metals and contamination from its surrounding. Due to pollution in our oceans, it is safer to grow chlorella algae in a controlled environment indoors.

Why Not?® chlorella powder is from Korea and exhibits a very dark green colour with very high amounts of chlorophyll. It is also cultivated organically without any use of artificial chemicals.

17 years in Malaysia since 2004, an evergreen product loved for almost two decades.

Discover organic surprises!

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How to consume?

Add 1 teaspoon each into a glass of water, juice or mylk. Serve before dinner or in the morning with breakfast. Add lemon juice for extra alkalizing effects.

When working late at night, take one serving of TRITOX every 2 hours. You need extra rich chlorophyll from TRITOX to support your overworked liver.

Your body needs a boost to recover from stress and burnout.

Freshness you can tell from its natural green colour, refreshing scents and taste