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Émile Noël

Country of Origin: France
Year Established: 1920
Products: Organic slow-pressed oils

Slow oil tradition.

Émile Noël owns the first oil mill in France to grind organic seeds. The manufacturing process used by Huilerie Émile Noël is a traditional method, which uses old screw presses, carefully maintained, for a slow and gentle extraction of the oil. To make one litre of oil, it takes from 2 to 14 kilos of raw material depending on the type of seed used.

At Émile Noël, everything is done to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the raw material. As shown in the diagram below, Émile Noël organic virgin oils are manufactured by mechanical means, at first cold pressing or cold extraction, without any chemical treatment.

Indeed, the mill still uses the old screw presses from the beginning, acquired from the 1960s. “This material works perfectly. And it is very well maintained, “ said the master miller. Over the years, he has taken care to amass an impressive stock of spare parts from old machines. Thus, everything is available on site to maintain and repair, if necessary, antique presses. “But these presses are very solid, and always at the top in terms of quality,” said Émile Noël, who for nothing in the world would replace them with presses of recent technologies.

“Newer presses may have better performance, but they’re running faster. Ours turn very slowly using a worm, at a temperature below 60° C. This makes the seeds less heated, less excited. They have time to flow slowly. It’s perfect for the respect of the seed.”

Made with conscientiousness and passion in the respect of the artisanal tradition, the virgin oils of first cold pressure thus preserve the whole value of the fatty acids and the natural vitamins. Natural and authentic, they deliver the flavour and finesse of the fruit or seed from which they come. In other words, the artisanal production processes that characterise Émile Noël oils combine marvels and pleasure of taste, health and gastronomy.

Émile Noël also practices fair trade since 20 year ago.