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Terre Di Sangiorgio

Terre Di Sangiorgio logo

Country of Origin: Italy
Year Established: 1990
Products: Organic pasta sauce

Fresh as homemade.

Born in 1990 as a specialized farm in biodynamic agriculture, Terre di Sangiorgio is quality leader in biological tomato sauces. Terre di Sangiorgio bonds the old Mediterranean cooking with a production based on modern technologies, protecting both product quality and consumer health.

Terre di Sangiorgio’s production site was built in which the tomatoes can be directly processed after harvesting. This enables the fruit to ripen fully in the fields so that consumers could taste the full goodness of the Italian sun in the products and at its highest quality.

All the products used by Terre di Sangiorgio have a biological certification; the Company owns 200 hectares of land used for the production of organic vegetables.