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Country of Origin: Austria
Year Established: 1988
Products: Organic tea, herbs & spices

The potency of herbs is multiplied where joy grows, naturally.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the Waldviertel. Here, the best herbs for your tea are grown in the peaceful and beautiful area of Northern Austria. Sonnentor® herbs are grown according to stringent supervised organic guidelines. Love, passion and handwork of the farmers are the best ingredients for the strongest herbs.

Sonnentor® strongly believes that nature holds the best recipes for a beautiful and long life. Herbs lose its healing properties due to modern farming methods. Sonnentor® believes that organic farming is only sound and passable way in a time of monoculture and overproduction.

Sonnentor® works in the highest consideration of the rhythms of nature. Respect and consideration for nature is their highest ambition because good people at Sonnentor® believe that only harmonious cooperation with nature, a real balance will be achieved and hence, unfolds the full potency of their herbs.

Therefore, Sonnentor® offers a fine selection of products certified organic by Austria Bio Garantie— Austria’s leading inspection body, (from teas, herbs and spices, to provide you optimal health remedies and joyful life. Sonnentor® also takes on regional responsibility and practices fair trade since the beginning of its establishment.

Approximately 80% of its packaging materials are manufactured using renewable raw materials. Consequently, 96% of all packaging materials are recyclable and reusable.

Now, the sunny seeds of Sonnentor are available in 40 countries worldwide!