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Country of Origin: England
Year Established: 1989
Products: Feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, make-up remover wipes

Experience comfort by nature.

The average woman will menstruate for about four decades and use an estimated 16,800 sanitary pads or tampons in the process – amounted to 250–300 pounds of waste. Add to that the questionable contents of said items, synthetic fibres and chemical-soaked cotton, and it is no wonder that time of the month is not a pleasant one.

Women can help to make a difference in the world today by being aware of our choices of product; knowing the processes and ingredients involved in the production of the sanitary products and the effects of these materials on your health, personal comfort and our planet.

Natracare® is the first company in the world that produces dioxin-free products with certified organic cotton and natural plant derived materials that are chemical and additive free yet biodegradable, containing only organic and natural ingredients source from sound ecologically managed producer.

Since 1989, women around the world have chosen Natracare®’s high quality, organic and natural menstrual products with confidence. Soft, certified organic cotton and plastic free, biodegradable materials means Natracare® only leaves a soft footprint on the earth.

Value added with zero harsh chemicals are among the reasons to why Natracare® is appreciated by women for reliable protection and diligent care. Besides, Natracare® ’s range is made from natural materials, animal friendly and vegetarian approved, gynaecologist recommended, sustainably sourced, multi-award winning, certified organic AND Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).

In all, Natracare® is committed to doing its very best to preserve an environment for generations to come and to catch their breath at its beauty.