Natracare Organic Regular Applicator Tampons, 16pc

Natracare Organic Regular Applicator Tampons, 16pc


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An award winning tampon specially designed to take care of your delicate area yet makes you feel comfortable and secured. It is made from certified organic cotton and comes with a smooth, easily glide unbleached cardboard applicator.


Product Highlight

Feel secured, stay comfort and gentle to the environment…Natracare gives you all!


  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton that is free from residue of chemical fertiliser and pesticide.
  • Free from any synthetic materials such as plastic and rayon.
  • No bleaching and 100% chlorine free.
  • The cardboard applicator is biodegradable. Rounded and petal shaped applicator make tampon insertion easier, safer and comfortable.


Country of Origin

United Kingdom