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Slide Dr. Robin Lee, Vera Lau Boost your immunity by 257%,
Includes a 30mins Q&A session with Dr. Robin. 1 robin pic PhD, DSc, BCNP Naturopathic Advisor
PhD in Natural Medicine
DSc in Clinical Nutrition
Naturopathic Physician - Board certified (ANMCB)
1 vera lau pic Justlife Nutrition Advisor
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Food Science & Nutrition (Hons)
Date: 18th April 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm- 4pm
Online: Zoom
Language: English
Entry: FREE
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Slide Organic?
Who Cares?
Give a damn.
Because your child deserves a good start.
And it's your choice!
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Slide Protect
your child
at school.
Power up immunity
with organic superfoods
Here's how: WhyNot Slider Background vertical WhyNot Slider Background
Slide Power up your immunity by 257% Here's how: man wearing mask

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