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Emile Noel Perfect Joint (Avocado + Pumpkin Seed Oil)

Emile Noel Perfect Joint (Avocado + Pumpkin Seed Oil)


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This oil combination is specially catered for the repair and maintenance of our joints. Keeping them strong, flexible and active for life! It is also a great relief for joint pain.


Product Highlight

  • Organic collagen: Stimulates formation of collagen which is an important component of cartilage.
  • Lubricates the joints: Relief inflammation. Aids in maintenance and recovery of joints from use, injury and aging.



  • Certified organic according to EU organic farming method.
  • Fairly traded.
  • First cold press, no solvent or chemical extraction.
  • Packed in dark amber bottle.
  • Nitrogen flushed to prevent oxidation before opening and transport.
  • Do not exposed to temperature more than 60°C.



  • 100% first cold pressed organic avocado oil.
  • 100% first cold pressed organic pumpkin seed oil.


Country of Origin

  • France

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg