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Naturvital Florian

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Country of Origin: Austria
Year Established: 1933
Products: Organic herb-fruit elixirs

Organic apothecary of ancient wisdom.

It takes more than just an organic certification seal to determine the quality of an organic product. From the growing process of the ingredients to the production procedures; we insist on the highest quality standards to ensure Why Not?® products obtained and preserved the highest level of nutrients and potency. We go the extra mile because it is our passion to provide organic dietary supplements that bring real benefits to our consumers. Now, be pleasantly surprised by the authentic quality and extra advantage of Why Not?® , beyond just organic. Choose a brand that truly care enough, from seeds to shelves.

Bio Naturvital Florian’s primary philosophy maintains that plants contain not only commonly known vitamins and minerals, there are also rich bioactive substances found in them which offer powerful healing properties.

Based on extensive studies on plants for more than 80 years, and plant remedies inspired by wisdom from traditional herbal remedy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine, Bio Naturvital Florian offers a variety of natural healing products.

Only organically fully grown herbs and fruits harvested at the highest point of maturation, which contain valuable polyphenols, are carefully chosen and pressed into herbal-fruit elixirs.

Each and every bottle of Bio Naturvital Florian herbal-fruit elixir contains the richest amount of bioactive substances such as bitter constituents, tannins, antioxidants and essential oils from over 80 different organic herbs and spices.

It is because whole plants and fruits are processed in their natural state, they contain more diverse active ingredients as compared to processed extracts or single substance.

Besides, Bio Naturvital Florian’s products contain valuable essential oil from fir tree leaves harvested from the remote hill along beautiful blue Danube River, especially in its anti-cough elixir.

Bio Naturvital Florian uses fresh organic juices in its elixirs. Nevertheless, the water used for its manufacturing and herb infusion is directly from the Alps— pure, fresh and rich in trace minerals.

All of these and more make Bio Naturvital Florian’s products the ultimate natural goodness for everyone who is conscious of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle,