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Country of Origin: Germany
Year Established: 1982
Products: Household cleaning products

Clean thoroughly and Earth friendly.

For over 36 years, Sodasan is committed to offering an alternative to the products of the conventional detergent industry. It started with the vision to develop cleaning agents from natural raw materials which do not pollute the environment during their manufacture and after use.

As the manufacturer of a consistent range of washing and cleaning detergents, Sodasan looks beyond the sole assessment of a washing substance in waste water; it extends to the consideration of the origin of raw materials, their cultivation and energy needs during manufacture.

For years, Sodasan products are further developed and optimized in their own laboratory. Aligned with the dedication and belief of Sodasan team, environmentally-friend- ly detergents and cleaning agents from Sodasan are easy to use, effective and productive in cleaning performance, and save resources and water.