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Le Moulin du Pivert

Country of Origin: France
Year Established: 1985
Products: Organic cookies and biscuits

Authentic French recipes for everyone.

Le Moulin du Pivert focuses purely on producing high quality, nutritionally balanced, organic cookies and biscuits. Their methods of production ensure a maximum respect for the ingredients used.

For over 30 years, at Le Moulin du Pivert, the Cayla family has specialized in the creation of completely organic products. Many tasks in the production process are still carried out by hand and contribute to the creation of products which are original and unique.

There are cookies for everyone. P’tits Beurre, for example, is made according to an authentic French recipe, including fresh milk, and fresh butter from a local organic farmer. The Twibio Figue contains no eggs, milk, peanuts, or animal products, allowing it to be enjoyed by many.

Other cookies are made with wheat syrup instead of sugar. Wheat syrup is rich in long sugars, fructose and minerals. It provides a delicious, and at the same time, more nutritionally balanced alternative to sugar. It also ensures a lower glycemic level, which is believed to help reduce obesity.

All the flour and raw materials essential to the manufacture of Le Moulin du Pivert’s biscuits, are supplied by the Mill of Montricoux, family mill since 1942. The wheat is cultivated and harvested in the Gers by a cooperative on a human scale composed of 350 producers.

For all the exotic notes (cane sugar, chocolate, vanilla… ) used in the composition of Le Moulin du Pivert’s recipes, they have selected the origins, cultivation methods, and the growing conditions. Besides, Le Moulin du Pivert promotes fair trade.

The development of know-how on its territory has been a priority for 3 generations at Le Moulin du Pivert, as good people at Le Moulin du Pivert believe that the key to success towards greater transparency and the best way to breathe new life into their regions.

In 2015, Le Moulin du Pivert set up a real partnership for the creation of a biscuit wheat sector in the South West. This partnership results in the signature of a tripartite contract between the Qualisol cooperative (Gers), the Montricoux family mill (Tarn-et-Garonne) and the Moulin du Pivert (Aveyron).

In this charter, Le Moulin du Pivert commits itself to volumes and a price from its partners in counter part it has a complete mastery of its main sector with the guarantee of a raw material of quality and adapted to its profession.