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Country of Origin: France
Year Established: 2013
Products: Organic breakfast, jam, puree, juice

Real food in every bite.

Vitabio’s organic range is formulated to promote authentic taste and nutritional foods using high quality organic ingredients. Vitabio products are appreciated for their natural composition and delicious taste that delights taste buds.

Vitabio is committed to transmitting all the strength of nature in rich recipes, promoting a selection of the most local raw materials and ensuring high quality requirements.

Vitabio elaborates its tasty recipes without superfluous ingredients; instead, it favours 100% fruit recipes, avoids the addition of sugars (or replacing traditional sugar with sugar syrup from fruits) and carefully selects fruits recognized for their nutritional quality (blueberry, pomegranate, cranberry, blackcurrant, acerola, etc.).

Through its innovative recipes packaged in modern packaging, Vitabio offers the opportunity to consume on all occasions organic fruits and vegetables in all their forms, for the pleasure and well being of the whole family.

As part of the development of its local supply, Vitabio introduced in 2015 the Aquitaine apple in its children’s bottles and gives birth to a local product, manufactured in St Ferme in Gironde and labeled Bio Sud Ouest France.

Vitabio has always acted as positive catalyst in organic farming, energy efficiency, environmental protection, food safety and contributing to the local communities. Everyone’s health is priceless; it is time to make a Real change.