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Nutritional Oil

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Emile Noel Organic Virgin Black Cumin Oil, 100ml

For All Conditions Except Death

Used both as spice and remedies for various conditions since ancient Egypt for thousands of years. Blessed by the pharaohs because of many features, including its antioxidant action.

Also known to be helpful for all conditions except death.

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Emile Noel Avocado oil, Fair Trade, 250ml

Collagen Oil

Using certified Fair-Trade avocados from Kenya. This emerald green first cold pressed oil has a velvety texture with a delicate and light flavor.

Avocado oil is also known as the collagen oil for its ability to stimulate our body to produce collagen for skin, bones and joints.

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Emile Noel Pumpkin Seed oil, 250ml

The “manly” oil

Pumpkin seed oil is essential oil for man’s hormonal health. It promotes healthy prostate and urinary system. It helps to relief prostate related problems such as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Also helpful for men with hair loss due to hormonal issues.

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Emile Noel Virgin Flax Oil, 250ml

Takes Care of Your Heart

This high omega-3 oil is cold-pressed from the finest grade of organic flax seeds from France using the endless-screw press method. The entire process is not exposed to temperature more than 60°C and is unrefined. This can preserve the authentic flavor and nutrients of the oil.

With the high omega-3 inside (~50%), this oil is well known for protecting the heart, nerves and brain.

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Emile Noel Virgin Hazelnut Oil, Fair Trade, 250ml

To “Lubricate” your brain and skin

Using certified Fair-trade hazelnuts from Turkey, this oil has a fine, almost woody and particularly recommended in pastry for desserts.

Hazelnut oil keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. It also contains antioxidants that help protect the brain and skin against damage by free radicals.

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Emile Noel Organic Virgin Evening Primrose Oil, 100ml

Oil That Keeps Your Hormones in Balance

This precious oil is cold-pressed from seeds of evening primrose using the endless-screw press method. It is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) (~10%). They belong to the group of essential fatty acids which are not produced by the body.

Well known for the ability to balance hormones for both men and women. With the GLA content, it is excellent as an anti-inflammatory supplement.

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Why Not? Organic Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, 250ml

From Coconut to Coconut Oil in Just 15 Minutes

Certified organic. Raw. Cold-Pressed. Extra virgin. Beside these fundamental qualities, we push the limits to bring you the freshest and smoothest possible coconut oil.

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Emile Noel Virgin Walnut Oil, 250ml

Brain Food

First cold-pressed from walnuts from southwest of France, mainly from two varieties: Franquette (delicate and fine flavour) and Granjean (nutty taste with a hint of bitterness) which gives a balanced taste between fruity and bitterness.

Walnut and its oil are always known to provide our brain with the needed nutrients for development and growth.

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Emile Noel Wheat Germ Oil, 100ml

The Vitamin E Oil and Metabolism Booster

An excellent dietary supplement due to its rich natural source of vitamin E and octacosanol that helps boost sports performance and metabolism. It is so precious that it takes about 1800kg of wheat kernels to produce 1kg of wheatgerm oil.

Made using VIOGERM® process – A gentle process stabilizing the wheat germ to preserve its optimal level of nutrients.

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Holle Organic Baby Weaning Oil 250g

Perfect ratio of omega 3 & omega 6.

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