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Herb / Spice

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Sonnentor Fennel Whole, 40g

Organically grown, carefully harvested and gently processed by experienced farmer. Consumed traditionally by Indian as herb for healthy eye sight.

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Sonnentor Organic Just Greens – Salad Seasoning, 20g

A combination of 12 hebrs converge together bring us an irresistiible salad seasoning . Stir your salad with first cold-pressed olive oil plus a little cider vinegar,some mild mustard and finally salad seasoning which is able to delight you. The aroma boasts a pleasant herbal flavor and taste will be expanded even wonderfully with added spicy garlic.

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Sonnentor Organic Salad Herb Mix Powder, 35g

The secret from the sunlight spice up your daily life. An exotic blend from more than 10 types of herbs and spices, give a real kick to your dishes.

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Naturgreen Organic Vegetable Broth Cubes 84g

A concentrated organic vegetable stock cubes ready to make a delicious hot broth in a few minutes. Enriched foods. Made with the best organic vegetables, according to traditional recipe and without the use of yeast or soy.

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