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Committing to the right time and the appropriate way to harvest the crops can be tedious, but getting the best of the crops is our priority.

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Apple fruits on tree

Fruits At Their Fullest.

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Bio Naturvital Florian herbal-fruit elixirs use various berries, apricots and red grapes, which are superfruits with highest antioxidant contents. These fruits are chosen not merely for their taste, but more importantly, for their healing properties. We use fruits that are fully ripen on the trees. Juices and purees are obtained directly from fruits at their highest point of maturation, which contain the richest amount of bioactive substances. Did you know that the red pigments in apple skin protect the fruit from ultraviolet rays and free radicals? It contains valuable phytonutrients such as polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and anthocyanins. These substances that have been protecting the plants are certainly beneficial to mankind too.

Naturvital Florian Product Range

Naturvital Florian Products

Freshly harvested carrots

Harvested On Time For Great Taste.

Organic carrots from the Landes used in Babybio products (including the Carrot jar) grow among pine trees, between Adour and Medoc in France.

Babybio carefully selects for its recipes organic carrots from the Landes region — a sandy, sunny area that also enjoys regular rains. Perfect conditions to produce subtle-tasting carrots throughout the year.

Delicately scented, the early carrot is precocious, with a luscious texture, harvested young, from May to July. What we love about them: their freshness and bright colour— very appetizing.

And because there is no question of ever going without carrots, the seasonal carrot, harvested when ripe, will take over from July to March. What we love in them: this small but mighty vegetable can be simultaneously soft and crunchy.

Tomato farm and a tractor

Fresh as Handmade

“We can say that we are offering to your customers one of the best tomato products made in Italy (we think the best in the world!)” That was what Terre Di Sangiorgio said to us.

Terre Di Sangiorgio grow their own tomatoes and all their farms are organic and biodynamic. The small scale production site for their tomato puree is just around the farm, which allows them to produce the tomato puree within 12 hours from the crop. The result is the freshest puree with very delicate taste just as good as home made.

No added sugar, water, preservatives and artificial flavourings. Terre Di Sangiorgio uses biodynamic organic extra virgin olive oil and biodynamic vegetables for their products.

When you open Terre Di Sangiorgio jar you can smell the real fragrance of the tomatoes. No acidity, and you can even taste it cold on the bread.