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Every food production creates negative impact to the environment. From seeds to shelves, there are ways to go Earth-friendly.

Safety First, For the Women and Our Planet.

Safety First, For the Women and Our Planet. When Susie Hewson developed Natracare in the 1980s, she spent years researching the very best raw materials for the job. As well as important health considerations and ensuring that the products worked, Susie endeavoured to find materials that were:

Ethical – protecting the livelihood, homes and health of workers and communities where crops are made

Environmental – looking after the soil, water and air and ensuring low carbon dependency

Animal-friendly – not disrupting the habitats or health of animals, birds, bees and insects who make up ecosystems that are crucial for our planet’s wellbeing. Using certified organic cotton and accredited sustainable forestry ensures that Natracare meets high sustainable standards.

Natracare was the first ever brand to measure the complete life-cycle of the menstrual pads they produce. The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) independently measures the carbon life-cycle analysis of a single natracare pad. It verifies the soft impact of our sustainably sourced raw materials, from creation and transport, to the pad being used and finally the return of the pad to the Earth.

We can say with confidence that we are producing one of the most environmentally friendly and effective disposable menstrual products available worldwide. Plastic Free: Conventional sanitary pads are roughly 90% plastic! And every year, over 45 billion feminine hygiene products are disposed of somewhere. Natracare products are made from renewable, biodegradable and compostable materials including organic cotton, bioplastics (made from plant starches) and wood pulp. They can even be composted!

All-Natural Materials: Using high quality natural materials makes Natracare products extremely soft on your skin, and because they are biodegradable, gentle on the planet too. Natracare products are free from all ingredients commonly found in conventional feminine hygiene products: plastic, poly-acrylate superabsorbents (SAPs), petroleum derivatives, synthetic ingredients, latex and perfume.Natracare wipes are free from synthetics, petroleum derivatives, alcohol, parabens, formaldehyde and phenoxyethanol, many of which have been linked to skin irritation.

Totally Chlorine Free: Chlorine bleaching creates a by-product called dioxin, a known carcinogen that poses serious problems for the environment and for women’s health. Unlike conventional feminine hygiene products, Natracare is Totally Chlorine Free. We use an oxygen bleaching process from hydrogen peroxide. This is the safest process for the environment as it does not release toxins into the environment. Using a water and oxygen process to destroy any bacteria in our organic cotton or pulp, results in a pure white material ready to make pads, panty liners and tampons.

Clean Thoroughly and Earth-friendly

Probably the greenest cleaning products in the world, Sodasan makes clear statements on their environmental policy:

An environmental policy in the holistic sense demands critical observation and accountability from us. This concerns both the internal processes as well as the manufacture of our products. Transparency in the production and in the composition of each article (declaration) is part of our corporate philosophy. Internally, we work on constantly improving environmental protection. It goes without saying that we comply with all environmental standards and regulations.

The principles of our environmental policies are active nature conservation, economical use of resources and preference for herbal raw materials from organic cultivation. As far as possible, raw materials from the so-called Third World countries come from FAIR TRADE projects which work on an organic basis.

For our entire energy needs and the associated CO2 emissions, we are financing the reforestation of forests in collaboration with PRIMA-KLIMA e.V. so that our company works demonstrably in a carbon-neutral manner.

We have chosen GREENPEACE-ENERGY as our partner for our power needs. Thus, our energy requirement is supplied mainly by regenerative energy sources. The proportion of nuclear power is 0%.

In terms of products, as the manufacturer of a consistent range of washing and cleaning detergents we look beyond the sole assessment of a washing substance in waste water and also include the origin of raw materials, their cultivation and energy needs during manufacture.

Therefore we do not use detergents of petrochemical origin or substances which have been produced through genetic engineering. Wherever possible, we use soap as the washing substance closest to nature, which guarantees a simple return into the natural cycle.

Lifecycle assessments are created for the respective products (as is already the case for Compact Detergents). The formulations are optimised according to certain evaluation models, such as the point systems for the “European eco-label”.