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What is the best combination of food that gives you optimum health benefits? Our producers go extra miles to work that out.

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Healing Remedies Inspired By Ancient Wisdom

The evolution of plants over millions of years has resulted in the development of antibodies formed through natural selection to survive. These bioactive substances are the best medicine provided by mother nature.

For 80 years, Naturvital Florian has been working on plant remedies inspired by time-proven recipes and the wisdom of traditional herbal remedies, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine.

Naturvital Florian uses over 80 varieties of healing herbs and fruits. They insist on using only ingredients from certified organic farming, GMO-free, all-natural without exposure to sprays, pesticides and fertilisers. Meanwhile, ensures that they are harvested at the time of the highest maturity and quality.

Naturvital Florian preserves the power of herbs and fruits in their natural harmony, by particularly gentle processing and a special filling method. This promises a quality advantage over conventional pasteurisation, because the valuable plant materials are even better preserved.

The whole plants and fruits in their natural structure are used because they contain more bioactive substances compared to processed extracts and single-substance isolations. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Here is a list of things Naturvital Florian do without: No water added (only direct pressed organic juices and purees is used, the best liquid for wellness); No sugar added (nor any artificial sweeteners. Only natural sweetness from fruits, barley malt and honey to soothe your throat); no preservatives, no alcohol, no colourants or aromas, no artificial additives, no thickeners. All Naturvital Florian products are lactose-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Naturvital Florian Product Range

Ancient formulations

Un-bee-lievable Formula

Humans have been beekeeping for at least 8,500 years. The ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans all used Propolis. Ancient Egyptians considered Propolis to be the “secret to eternal health and life”. Several famous healing historical authorities utilized Propolis as part of their medicine chest. Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, wrote that it was useful to treat sores, ulcers, and bruises. The famous Roman physician, Pliny, used it to disperse tumors and thought so highly of it as a first aid remedy that he wrote Propolis “heals sores when it appears hopeless for them to mend”. It is no surprise then that Roman Legionnaires were known to carry some Propolis in their first aid pouches to apply to wounds and injuries.

The great Persian physician, Avicenna, also thought highly of Propolis’ healing potential; in an ancient manuscript he suggested its use for eczema, myalgia, and rheumatism. The Renaissance era author of one of the most influential herbals, Gerard, wrote that Propolis was useful for all types of inflammation. Propolis’ use was not only limited to European/Mediterranean cultures; for example, the Incas used it as an anti-pyretic, while the Chinese employed it for toothaches and infections.

why not?® Propolis combines the goodnesses of propolis, manuka honey and bee pollen. This wonderful combination makes it an effective natural antibiotic to fight against infection. Different from conventional propolis in the market which is usually extracted by alcohol, why not?® Propolis is extracted with warm honey water, producing a pleasant mild sweetness, less bitterness and pungent aftertaste.

why not?® Propolis formulation is inspired by over 800 years old greek remedy. It is a protected indigenous knowledge and heritage remedy acknowledged by Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.