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Why Not?® Organic Propolis (Alcohol Free), 30ml


Formulated based on an ancient remedy used by the Greeks for over 800 years to treat illnesses and heal wounds. Combining the goodnesses of propolis, Manuka honey and bee pollen, this intelligent formulation results in a powerful natural antibiotic and antiseptic against bacteria, viruses and fungus without destroying friendly bacteria.

What Makes Us Different?

800 Years of Ancient Greek Wisdom
An intelligent formulation inspired by an ancient Greek remedy. It is a protected indigenous knowledge and also a heritage remedy acknowledged by the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organisation.


No Alcohol
Distinct from conventional alcohol-extracted propolis in the market, Why Not?® Propolis is extracted with warm honey water, producing a pleasant mild sweetness, less bitterness and a less pungent aftertaste.


Raw & Unheated
Treated with heat no higher than 40°C to properly retain enzymes and vitamins in the honey.


No fine or pressure filtration to retain most of the bee pollen. Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, and is a great source of antioxidants.


• Certified organic
• Raw, unheated
• Alcohol-free
• Extra high potency
• Original packing
• No preservatives
• No colorants
• No additives





Weight 0.15 kg
Country of Origin

New Zealand


Organic Manuka floral water, organic propolis (25%),  organic Manuka honey, organic extra virgin olive oil.

How To Use

Children: 2-3 drops, 3-5 times daily

Adult: 3-5 drops, 5-8 times daily

For insomnia/stress reduction: 1 tube before bed time.

Shake well before use.


Not to be taken by infant below 1 year old.
Refrigerate once opened. Shake well  before use as there will be sediments.


Store at cool dry place.

Refrigerate once opened.


• Immune support: Great natural supplement to support your immune system’s resistance and recovery from infectious diseases.

• Natural antibiotic: Kills harmful bacteria while preserving your body’s friendly bacteria.

• Powerful antiseptic: Fights against bacterial, viral and fungal infection.

• Antioxidant protection: Propolis provides proven antioxidant activity for cellular health and protection, which is especially important for liver health and healthy aging. Great for athletes too!

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