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Sonnentor Organic Rooibos Tea, 20 Teabags

Sonnentor Organic Rooibos Tea, 20 Teabags


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The Rooibos red tea tastes sweet and fruity which will not drag on long bitterness. The tea is unbeatable when sweetened with a little cream or honey and even tastier when spiced with cinnamon or vanilla. With a mixture of cold Rooibos tea, grape juice, apple juice, apples and grapes can conjure up an irresistable snack for kids.


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Say hi to the sweetie  Red Bush from South Africa



  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Caffeine free and low in tannin.
  • Alkaline food.
  • Suitable for vegan.



The rooibos tea lights in a bright golden brown after boiling. The fragrance of the tea is characterized by a mild, earthy-woody aroma combined with a flowery note. Smooth with mild sweet flavour is the taste which is underlined by a nuance of vanilla and cocoa shells.



it contains no caffeine, therefore an ideal drink for children.


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Organic rooibos

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