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Voelkel Acerola Juice, 330ml

Voelkel Acerola Juice, 330ml


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Voelkel Acerola Juice is rich in natural Vitamin C. Freshly pressed from biodynamically grown acerola cherries, every 1 tablespoon of acerola juice provides your daily need of Vitamin C.


Product Highlight

Excellent Vitamin C booster!


  • Certified DEMETER. Voelkel Acerola Juice is freshly pressed from acerola cherries which cultivated using biodynamic farming method. Biodynamic farming is a sustainable farming system that protects the balance of the ecosystem and produces crop that infused with higher life force and therapeutic value.
  • No added sugar, synthetic preservative and colouring.
  • Packed in dark amber glass bottle to protect the valuable antioxidants.


Country of Origin


100% certified Demeter acerola juice.