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How to Fast with Why Not® Biodynamic Juice Fasting Set

From Feast to Fast

Give the trillions of cells in your body to rest, recharge and restart!

why not biodynamic juice fasting set

We sleep to recharge our exhausted body and we go on vacation to escape from our hectic lifestyle once in a while. However, we hardly give our digestive system a break from its highly demanding workload. The digestive system is considered the busiest system in our body especially with our accustomed overeating habit that has crept into our eating lifestyle.

Our body requires an escape from a lifelong 3-meals-a-day routine (or even six for some). Fasting gives our body an opportunity to shift the energy used for digesting to repairing and healing our body and to eliminate nasty toxins that harm us emotionally and physically. Furthermore, fasting rejuvenates our body from physical stress accumulated through improper diets, unhealthy lifestyles, emotional stress and environmental pollution.

Fasting Smart

Why Not?® Biodynamic Juice Fasting is specially formulated for urbanites where hectic lifestyle and improper diet are most common. This fasting program with herbal tea remedy and dry brushing, circulates the energy and warms up the body, enhances blood and lymphatic circulation that lead to effective detoxification. It is a comprehensive program that allows the digestive system to rest, purifies the blood and liver.

As fasting is an intensive cleansing process for the body, it is of utmost importance that the ingredients used are free from pesticides and other chemical additives. Why Not?® Biodynamic Juice Fasting uses certified organic fruits and vegetable juices from Germany, which are also accredited by Demeter, a globally recognised accreditation for biodynamic quality.

This fasting program is safe and easy. By understanding a few important principles, everyone can do it at home!

Experience the Benefits

  • Restart your body’s self-healing ability.
  • Promote liver purification and strengthen its functions.
  • Increase digestion power and nutrient absorption.
  • Promote healthy metabolism and obtain ideal body weight.
  • Reduce oxidative stress and slow down aging process.
  • Enhance mental clarity and alertness.

Before you Begin:

Prepare Yourself MentallyThis is to help you overcome any desire for food during the program.

Pre-Fast Reduce solid food intake gradually and adopt a meatless diet, at least two days before fasting. Replace starchy foods such as rice and noodles with fresh fruits, vegetable salad and porridge.

Post-Fast: Breaking your fast properly is crucial! Avoid oily and heavy food. Start with fresh fruits, vegetable soup and porridge in small portion, and increase the food portion gradually so that your digestive system has sufficient time to adapt to changes in the diet.

IMPORTANT: Fasting is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, ladies during menstrual period, children below 12 years, those who are extremely underweight and people with diabetes, heart or kidney disease.

Biodynamic Juice Fasting Diet

Day 1: Wake Up to a Purposeful Day!

Begin your day with dry brushing your entire body with a natural bristle brush or loofah before taking your shower. After shower, drink a cup of Sonnentor Ginger Energy Tea to keep your body warm. In the evening, dry brush once again before taking a shower.

Day 2: Let the Colours Set Your Day

7am – 9am breakfast
12pm – 2pm lunch
6pm – 8pm dinner

Take two cups of Why Not?® mixed juice as shown below as a substitute to your breakfast, lunch and dinner. These nutritious juices give you energy and satiety.

why not biodynamic juice fasting graphic

Day 3-4: Flush Away the Debris From Within

10am & 4pm

Take two tablespoons of Flaxseed Meal and one tablespoon of Why Not?® Prune Puree, mix into 250ml lukewarm water. This high-fibre drink helps youflush out the harmful toxins and wastes from your body.

Be Persistent! Follow these easy steps of 4-day Biodynamic Juice Fasting Program and celebrate life with a healthier body.

Dry Brushing

loofah graphic

HOW Using a natural bristle brush or loofah, begin the brushing at your feet and hands moving towards your abdomen. Then, continue the brushing with other parts of your body towards your abdomen as well. Avoid area of wounds, cuts or rashes. Take a shower after dry brushing to clean dead cells off your skin.

WHY DRY BRUSH This is one of the most wonderful daily routine you can do for healthier skin and lymphatic system. Dry brush twice dailybefore shower offers numerous benefits:

  • Stimulate lymphatic flow that helps remove dead cells, debris and toxins that have been accumulated over time in the lymphatic system, thus help relieving water retention and strengthen the immune system.
  • An uncongested lymphatic system helps the liver, kidneys and colon to work better by reducing the toxins load on these organs.
  • Remove dead skin cells and reduce cellulites, therefore tighten, soften and firm your skin. It is simply amazing! Just twice a day, for only five minutes each, you can feel the improvement in your overall vitality.


  • Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day.
  • Sip the drinks slowly throughout the fasting period to minimise bloating.
  • If you find Why Not?® Sauerkraut Juice not to your liking, each of the serving can be replaced with one tablespoon of Why Not?® Apple Cider Vinegar in half cup of water for similar result.
  • If you experience dizziness during fasting, you may drink additionally one to two cups of Why Not?® Red Grape Juice daily.
  • Sonnentor Ginger Energy Tea can be taken anytime throughout the day before sunset.
  • Take one cup of Sonnentor Fasting Tea a day helps in toxins elimination.
  • Chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass powder help to enhance liver purification. You may add one serving of it into your juice, anytime of the day. After Juice Fasting program, continue taking them daily to support regular body detoxification.
  • It is recommendedto carry out this program at least once every six months.
  • Keep physical activities moderate.Go for brisk walking and practise simple stretching with deep breathing, which are beneficial for detoxification.

The Why Not® Difference

Certified Biodynamic (Demeter)

All Why Not?® juices in this fasting program are biodynamic.

Beyond organic, biodynamic agriculture is a more holistic approach to organic farming.

It respects the ecological relationship in nature and integrates an astrological sowing and planting calendar in its farming to bring higher life-force into the crops and the planting environment.

Specially formulated biodynamic preparations are used periodically to enrich the soil and revitalise the entire planting ground.

These excellent conditions help produce exceptionally healthy and potent crops.

demeter logo

The Demeter certification is recognised and highly respected throughout the world as a symbol of the highest quality biodynamic produce.

No Fruit Concentrates

All Why Not?® juices are 100% pure juice, pressed directly from carefully selected fruits and vegetables grown using biodynamic farming method.


Pasteurised in a special flash (short heat) pasteurising process followed by immediate re-cooling. This unique method preserves the fruit’s original taste, while retaining a large amount of nutrients, such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals of the natural plant.

No Added Sugar, Preservatives and Flavouring

Therefore,to harness the optimum nutritional benefits from Why Not?® juices, refrigerate and consume it within five days once opened!

Every Ingredient Counts

This is neither a starvation plan nor a crash diet. While having minimal burden to the digestive system, your body is in fact being continuously nourished with bountiful of nutrients found in the biodynamic fruit and vegetable juices.

The juices used contain a wide spectrum of natural colour pigments. These plant pigments act as antioxidants that protect and strengthen different organs in our body.

Why Not?® Apple Juice, 750ml

Made from fully ripened and aromatic biodynamic apples, which are then gently pressed.

They are gently filtered to retain as much goodness as possible, giving them their naturally cloudy appearance.

Why Not? Sauerkraut Juice, 750ml

Dietary fibre from Flaxseed Meal with the probiotic and enzymes in Sauerkraut Juice support a healthy bowel movement and encourage a friendly environment which favours the growth of good bacteria.

Why Not? Carrot Juice (field-fresh), 750ml

Made from the heirloom carrots of the Rodelika and Rothild variants, which give this juice a very unique and characteristic taste.

It is naturally sweet but not overpowering. It is pressed and bottled immediately after being harvested (fresh-from-the-field) to preserve optimum freshness and nutrients. Benefits the digestive system and liver purification.

Why Not? Vegetable Juice, 750ml

Carries the essence of root vegetables such as beetroot and radish.

Biodynamically grown root vegetables are naturally infused with life forces from the earth. It is excellent in enhancing body’s self healing ability.

Sonnentor Ginger Tea, 90g

A special combination of spices and herbs that promotes blood circulation, keeps the body warm and helps in enhancing detox process.

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