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Sonnentor Ginger Tea, 90g

Sonnentor Ginger Tea, 90g


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The fact is that a true fan of Asia always has ginger in the house. In addition to countless uses in cooking, ginger is also very popular as a tea. The yellow ginger tea is versatile which it tastes just as good as cold, warm drink, mixed or pure.


Product Highlight

The fiery sensuality from China


  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Vegan friendly
  • Alkaline food


The ivory-colored ginger tea has a very full-bodied flavor and the aroma intensely spicy, woody as well as lemony. The taste of the tea makes us feel like a touch of the Orient – spicy-sweet with a citrus note and a refreshing sharpness in the finish. After a few sips, immediately a warm feeling is diffused to the whole body.

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Organic ginger pieces

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Weight 0.11 kg