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Jam / Spread

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NaturGreen Champinon (Mushroom) Pate, 125g

100% vegetarian spread is made from mushrooms and exotic spices which is so delicious that surpasses your imagination.

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NaturGreen Organic hazelnut and cocoa Spread 200g

A delicious cream of hazelnuts and cocoa spread. Ideal for snacks and lunch in the small undulant in a slice of bread , cookies or for desserts. Retains all the natural-sweet of cocoa, and is a product ecological, without lactose, without soy, without egg, without protein dairy and low in salt.

Snack will be the favorite moment of the family with ! The little ones in the house will love it, and the not-so-little ones too.

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Why Not? Prune Puree, 335g

Premium quality of prune puree made from black, juicy and shiny Agen prunes that grown organically in South West of France. Agen prunes globally recognized for their exceptional quality and taste.

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