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There are different ways to grow food organically. Food quality is not assured simply by not spraying chemicals on it.

From the Ground Up.

Unlike conventional tray-cultivated cereal grass, why not?® Wheat Grass and Barley Grass is slowly grown organically on fertile farmland in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Cereal grass can pick up more than ninety minerals found in rich soil. Our young leaves cereal grass are harvested the moment when the vital nutrients are at their peak, preserving high chlorophyll and mineral content way beyond what tray grown cereal grass can provide. Coming from the same farm, our producers classified their crops in different grades and why not?® Wheat Grass and Barley Grass uses only the best (Grade A) among all. Our products are certified organic by AsureQuality (IFOAM accredited) in accordance with some of the world’s strictest organic guidelines.

Taste the Aura.

why not?® Demeter Juices are produced in Germany from biodynamically grown crops. Biodynamic farming is beyond organic. It uses a more holistic approach to organic farming as it integrates the astrological cycle of the moon, sun, and planets in the planting and harvesting, to achieve a harmonic rhythm with nature. The soil is revitalised and enriched with unique herbs preparations and natural minerals. These time-proven practices deliver crops with exceptional life force and potency with a balanced ecological planting environment. why not?® Demeter Juices never fail to surprise you with vitality that you can taste at the first sip!

The World’s First and Only Biodynamic Cow Milk Infant Formula.

Holle produces the world’s first and only biodynamic (Demeter certified) cow milk infant formula.

The quality of Demeter certified milk is extremely high, it tastes great and is easily digested— all thanks to the natural way in which the cows are raised. Biodynamically raised cows live in small herds, they regularly graze out in the meadows and only eat a diet naturally rich in organic hay and greenery. This form of husbandry ensures that the cows are strong and healthy. Most importantly, all Demeter cows keep their horns. Biodynamic farmers say that a cow’s horns are important for maintaining a proper equilibrium throughout its digestive system. This is significant for the quality of the milk.

Biodynamic milk has a high vitamin E and beta-carotene content. It is also naturally high in essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Furthermore, Demeter milk constantly achieves best ratings in independent taste test, not only tastes more delicious but is also finely balanced.