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Why Not? Wheat Grass Powder, 100g


100% Pure Wheatgrass

Why Not?® Wheat Grass Powder contains 100% pure certified organic wheatgrass from New Zealand and processed at low temperature to preserve all the vital nutrients


  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Grown in New Zealand
  • Processed at low temperature to retain valuable nutrients and enzymes.
  • 100% pure. No bulking agent or artificial additives.

Suggested Serving

Take approximately 1 teaspoon with a glass of water or fresh juice, preferably before meal. Can be added to any dishes, soups or salads for better nutrients


Certified organic wheat grass powder from New Zealand


Some people may experience a mild reaction such as diarrhea, headache or other discomforts. These reactions normally indicate body detoxification.

To minimize discomfort during initial period, please reduce the dosage to half and gradually increase to recommended amount.


Is home grown cereal grass more beneficial?

Fresh wheat grass grown in a warm climate or indoors for the customary seven days may contain as little as 25% of the chlorophyll, vitamin A, and other nutrients found in the cold-weather crop.

Nevertheless, homegrown cereal grasses are valuable because their fresh state preserves certain enzymes that can be lost in the drying process.  Such fresh juices are more cooling than juices from dried grass powders and therefore are especially helpful for the robust person.

Why Not?® cereal grass are grown in certified organic farm in South Island, New Zealand.  It undergoes cool temperature and several months of slow growth on organic soil and is then carefully dried to preserve its freshness and nutrients.

Wheatgrass can pick up more than 90 minerals out of the 102 detectable in organic soil.

Will it cause any side effects?

One may feel some discomfort initially. However, this is not a side effect, instead it is a sign indicating that your body is performing a thorough internal cleansing.

If you feel uncomfortable with the cleansing effect, reduce the dosage and continue taking them constantly. Your body will adjust to it gradually over time.

Do I have to take it on a long-term basis?

Why Not?® Organic Wheat Grass and Barley Grass Powder are not clinical medicine. They have wide spectrum of nutrients, serving as an ideal wholefood supplement to your daily diet.

Regular supplementation helps to balance various vitamins and minerals deficiency, enhance internal cleansing and cellular detoxification; hence, helps to maintain a healthy body and vitality.

Will it be better to combine both wheat and barley grass?

Wheatgrass is an excellent cellular detoxification agent and barley grass is high in SOD; a strong antioxidant.

When combined, they complement each other very well and exhibit excellent healing properties.

Why not pre-mix wheat grass and barley grass powder for convenience?

We prefer organic products that are minimally processed, to minimize energy used for production and to preserve freshness.

In addition, all individual, Why Not?® products have unique usage:

  • Why Not?® wheat grass powder can be taken more when having fever and can be added into juices or apply as facial mask (with why  not? honey ) for acne skin
  • Why Not?® barley grass powder can be taken more for those with high metabolism rates such as athlete or those actively participate in gym activity or apply as facial mask (with Why Not?® honey) on normal and combination skin.

You may also vary the dosage according to your individual needs.

Is there any correlation between organic certification with the product quality?

Why Not?® Wheat and Barley Grass Powder have been certified by New Zealand Asure Quality which is IFOAM accredited.

Besides using certified organic ingredients, manufacturing, packaging and labeling procedures are also in compliance with stringent organic regulations.

Why Not?® Organic Wheat and Barley Grass Powder are 100% manufactured and packed in New Zealand to ensure its wholesome quality.


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