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Emile Noel Virgin Hazelnut Oil, Fair Trade, 250ml


To “Lubricate” your brain and skin

Using certified Fair-trade hazelnuts from Turkey, this oil has a fine, almost woody and particularly recommended in pastry for desserts.

Hazelnut oil keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. It also contains antioxidants that help protect the brain and skin against damage by free radicals.

This first cold pressed oil from certified organic and certified Fair Trade hazelnuts not only contains essential fatty acids, but also antioxidants that can help protect our brain and skin from the damage of free radicals and ageing. It can also improve the hydration and oil control of our skin.


Product Highlights

Brain protection and skin hydration



  • Certified organic.
  • Certified fair trade.
  • First cold-pressed virgin oil.
  • Unrefined.
  • Packed in dark amber bottle.
  • Nitrogen flushed to prevent oxidation before opening.



100% first cold pressed certified organic, hazelnut oil.


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