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La Mandorle Almond & Chocolate Instant Powder 400g

La Mandorle Almond & Chocolate Instant Powder 400g


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An instant beverage made with patented method to offer high nutrition drink for everyone.


Product Highlight 

A nutritious drink for most innovative wellness!



  • Patented soft co-extrusion technology to re concentrate more almond in the tin and retain more of its nutrients.
  • Precooked almond in optimum temperature enables better protein and fiber absorption.
  • Addition of cocoa brings delicious synergy nutritious.
  • Non-dairy, suitable for vegan.
  • Soy free. Suitable for those who are allergic to soy.
  • Gluten free. No artificial flavoring.



Instant almonds *35% (Partially defatted almond* from Sicily or Spain, dehydrated rice syrup*, acacia fiber*), dehydrated rice syrup*, chocolate powder* 20% (32% cocoa*, whole sugar*), lean cocoa* 10%, rice starch*, vanilla flavor*

*From organic agricultures


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