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Sonnentor Rosehip, 100g


Sonnentor Rosehip, 100g


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Rosehip tea charms with by a delicate, sweet-sour note and pink cup color. Cold water is needed to make intense, fruity and aromatic flavor in the cup. Only in this way they open up and give their delicious flavors generously. Sonnentor of course does not use any artificial colorings and flavorings for it!


Product Highlight

Nourish yourself with the rosehip tea rich in vitamin C!



  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Alkaline food.
  • Suitable for vegan.



The rosehip produces clear amber shimmers when infused in water. The mildly sweet and fruity aroma is reminiscent of mangos and buckthorn. The taste of tea is pleasantly sweet and fruity with a lovely acidity.The fruity-floral aftertaste will make you think of peaches and apricots.


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Organic rosehip

Did You Know? 

It is particularly palatable in transitional periods between spring and autumn which it is also the ideal timing of harvesting for Sonnentor Rosehip.

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