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Sunria Organic Cashew Nuts, 3.25kg


Sunria’s artisanal cashews are produced in limited quantities on Java Island thanks to being grown organically, hand-harvested and traditionally cracked.

Sunria also empowers farmers’ wives with skills on how to harvest and process nuts from cashew trees, which provides them with extra income for their families!

With Sunria Cashew Nut, you are helping others to change their lives, while nurturing your health and the environment!

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What Makes Us Different?

1. Fair Trade

Sunria helps farmers’ wives, who usually stay at home with no employment opportunities, by empowering them with valuable skills to harvest and process nuts from the cashew trees growing within their villages. Now, they are able have extra income and contribute to their families’ livelihood!

2. Certified organic ingredients

No pesticides, chemicals and preservatives.

3. Artisanal Cashew

Harvested by hand and cracked traditionally-the Javanese way.

4. Tastes creamier and sweeter.

Also loaded with protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Great for snacking, as a cooking ingredient, and is an excellent vegan substitute for dairy!

Weight 3.5 kg