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Vitabio Apple Mango Pineapple Cool Fruits 90g

Vitabio Apple Mango Pineapple Cool Fruits 90g


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It is a 100% pure fruit dessert that rich in vitamin C and antioxidants from apple, mango, pineapple and acerola. It tastes so delicious and it is handy that kids can enjoy it at anytime of the day.


Product Highlight

Yummy dessert from real fruit, kids will suck to the last drop!



  • No added sugar*
  • 100% fruit 
  • No added colouring** or perservatives
  • Special packaging helps to ensure product freshness and handy to bring around.

* contains naturally occurring fruit sugars.
** in compliance with legislation.


Country of Origin




Apples*, mango*, pineapple juice*, acerola juice*.

* ingredients from organic agriculture.


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