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Looking for authentic Chinese herbs?

We keep it real.

Our promise in curating real Chinese herbs:

  • Certified organic and FairWild
  • Geo-authentic (Di Dao)
  • 100% pure and unadulterated
  • Harvested sustainably and 100% traceable
  • Undergo rigorous safety and potency testing
  • No sulphur bleaching or fumigation
  • No heavy metals, sulphur dioxide, aflatoxin, etc
  • Nothing artificial!

Curated by TCM experts, with 40 years of experience

Choosing real herbs that goes beyond the looks

Founded in 1979, our supplier stands as TCM healers before they were business people. Curating herbs goes way beyond the colour, size and aroma of the herbs. It extends to the growing conditions, harvesting, processing and storing methods that could affect the potency and characteristics of the herbs. Why Not? Organic Chinese herbs is selected with respects to all these criteria in mind for authentic herbs with high potency.

Geo-authenticity (Di Dao)

Growing herbs at where they grow best

It’s always preferable to select herbs that grow in their native environments for both potency and authenticity. Such as Why Not? organic Ginseng is from Jilin and Dang Gui is from Gansu, Chrysanthemum is from Jiang Su. Terroir, which includes the climate, temperature, humidity, soil and terrain plays a huge role in giving the herbs their unique characteristics. That’s why Why Not? organic herbs are selected from where they grow best!

Our organic herbs are also 100% traceable right to their source.

No sulphur fumigation, how true?

Truly unsulphured

Many Chinese herbs on the market claims to be without sulphur bleaching, little do people know that although that is true, many still carry out sulphur fumigation to preserve the herbs and extend their shelf lives. Our herbs are unbleached, unsulphured and without chemical preservatives. Modern technology to reduce the moisture levels and proper storage conditions are used to preserve our herbs.

Rigorous testing in place to yield consistent results

Our herbs are tested for its purity and potency

Why Not? Organic herbs are certified organic by CCOF and USDA, some of the herbs are also certified FairWild. All the herbs are handpicked by the master herbalist through traditional know how, and then put to undergo rigorous testings for purity, safety and potency. The herbs are screened for close to 200 pesticides and heavy metals. They are also tested for microbacteria and their quality in terms of cut size, colour and moisture content.

Herbal soup mix for him, her and the family

Matched to satisfy different needs

Why Not? Organic Chinese Herbal Soup Mix is formulated by our TCM practitioner to meet the needs of society these days. Why Not? organic Chinese herbs now include 7 types of individual herbs and 4 types of herbal soup mix. The herbal soup mix are matched to tonify the Qi, for ladies, for a boost of immune system for the whole family and for energy.

Bottlegourd, a symbol for good health and to heal.

Traditionally used in ancient times by Chinese physicians to store medicinal herbs. It also signifies our strict requirements in selecting real herbs.

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