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Babybio Organic Dry Cereal for Infant – Wheat, Oat, Rice & Verbena, 220g


Certified organic dry cereal with thiamin, now with Wheat, Oat, Rice & Verbena!

Suitable for babies starting with solid food from 6 – 12 months.

What make us different?

No.1 in France, since 1996

A pioneer in the organic food industry, Babybio has more than 20 years expertise in producing organic children food.

Each Babybio product is produced and formulated with our little one’s best interest in mind, in terms of nutrition and what food is suitable at different growth stages.

Certified organic – EU standard

Organic certification is an assurance that there are no harmful chemical residues in the food that you are  giving to your little one.

Babybio goes beyond the organic certification by running vigorous tests to ensure that there are no traces of chemicals in all Babybio products.

Origin of raw materials

Babybio carefully selects the geographical origin of its ingredients, favouring local producers. Babybio turns primarily to French producers.

When this is not possible, it most often obtains supplies from neighbouring European countries (Spain, Italy, etc.).

Quality of selected ingredients

Babybio is subject to very strict infant regulations. They therefore have a very strong requirements on the quality of the raw materials used and rigorous controls are carried out upon receipt.

They also attach particular importance to the nutritional properties of our ingredients.

Sustainable relationships with producers

Babybio strives to establish lasting relationships with its producers and attaches particular importance to the construction of organic supply chains in order to be as close as possible to producers and breeders.

“Like at home”

Babybio’s dry cereal are developed with the aim of getting as close as possible to “homemade” from a taste point of view. Our cereals are without unnecessary supplementation, thickeners, no added sugars and salt.

Babybio therefore participates in the nutritional and taste education of children since young.


  • Vegan & vegetarian
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colorings or flavorings
  • No added sugar
  • Lactose free
  • More than 20 years expertise in producing organic infant food


Wheat flour* 77%, oat flour* 17%, rice flour* 5%, verbena extract*, orange flower extract*, chamomile extract*, thiamin (Vitamin B1).
*From organic agriculture

How to Use

Scoop the desired amount cereal into a clean bowl using a clean and dry spoon. Stir in warm milk and mix well.


Store in cool and dry place. Use within 4 weeks after the tin is opened.


Once opened use within 4 weeks

Country of Origin


Shelf Life

24 months

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 18 cm