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Emile Noel Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml


Uniquely Tunisian

This oil is cold-pressed from the finest grade of organic olives from Tunisia, a sunny nation blessed with rich soil, mild weather and ample rainfalls. Olive cultivation has been a Tunisian tradition passed down from generations since Roman times. The perfect blending of time-honoured traditional cultivation method and unique growing condition in Tunicia produces olives with exquisite aroma and flavour.

Complement your dishes with this certified organic extra virgin olive oil, a rich and fruity oil from the first pressing of finest organic olives. It brings a Mediterranean flavour to your dishes. It is perfect oil for pasta, salads, dressings and to drizzle over roasted vegetable.


Product Highlight
Enjoy full bodies aroma and flavor of premium Italian Olive oil.



  • Certified organic
  • Extra virgin (first cold pressed and unrefined)
  • Rich flavour
  • The bottle is nitrogen flushed to keep this oil fresh until it reaches your table


Did You Know?

Most conventional edible oil is extracted using chemical solvent and highly refined. The refinery process such as bleaching and deodorising using chemicals and high heat aims to stabilize the oil and extend the shelf life. However, most of the precious nutrients are destroyed during the refinery process.


Country of Origin




Certified organic extra virgin olive oil